Sean E. Jacobs Releases Sam Bass and His Horse Marines November 7, 2014

Hello Everyone.

Excitement is high and still climbing as the newest release from Sean E. Jacobs, Sam Bass and His Horse Marines – The Round Rock Shootout 1878, is scheduled for the electronic Kindle edition on November 7, 2014. Latest review shows that preorders are increasing to the necessary levels to top the list of book sales on the day of release to become a “BEST SELLER!” That’s right, a best seller, joining Jacobs’ first novel, ADVERSITYFace to Face, which was released back in May 2014.

If you haven’t already preordered, please do so before this Friday. Your passing the release information on to your friends who enjoy to read is appreciated, too.

Now, for the freebies we talked about earlier. After you have read this newest novel by Jacobs, go to and leave an anticipated favorable review by December 7, 2014.  All those leaving a positive review will be eligible for 1 of 5 autographed copies of the paperback to be released the end of the first week in December, just in time for Christmas delivery.

Your Comments are Appreciated

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