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portrait of sean jacobs for back cover of faith novel
Sean E. Jacobs, a professional genealogist for over forty years, makes his home in Georgetown, Texas. He comes from a long line of Texians dating back to their first arrival from Oldenburg, Germany in 1831 in Colorado County, Texas.

Mr. Jacobs continues to have a consuming interest in both Texas history and the Civil War since his boyhood. His father was one of the top six noted historians in the United States and acclaimed speaker on every avenue associated with the War Between the States until his passing in 2003. Filling in his footsteps, Jacobs has presented numerous topics at speaking engagements on Texas history and the Civil War.

Since his attendance at Texas A&M University and his extensive research on Texas history going through rolls and rolls of microfilm in the Reserve Reading Room, to today’s Internet, Jacobs has written five local history books from the piles and piles of paper records obtained from libraries across Texas.
In the last several years, Jacobs has discovered a genre that has lifted his spirits and changed the direction of his writings. His love for research and finding pieces to the puzzle has blended with his ability in storytelling, to describe history in more than just dates and places…more than just a framework of history.

History is about people…how very true! But history is about real people with blood and bones, loves and hates, strengths and weaknesses. History is about joys and sorrows, successes and failures, heartbreaks and ecstasies. Jacobs’ interpretation of history has created the need for his creative nonfiction style of writing.

He has received great reviews of his narrative style of writing in his three novels that make up the FAITH Chronicles Series. ADVERSITY – Face to Face and FAITH – Seventy Times Seven are two creative nonfiction novels that sparkle with excitement and will leave you, at times, not wanting to put the book down. The third novel, THE YELLOW ROSE – The Runaway Scrape only gets better and better.

Jacobs was once asked by a reader, after reading one of his novels, did history change?

His response was, “How many of us as adults struggle during our childhood through the date-pocketed course of history — bored, disenchanted, simply waiting for the fifty minute history class to be over and go to the neighborhood pool hall at the Dixie Chicken and spit tobacco in the spittoons. However, we all find in later years that history is the most fascinating and stimulating of all areas of knowledge? The number must be countless!

Why this unfortunate paradox? Did history change? No! What changed is the presentation and the emphasis. However important dates, names, and places may be to an expert understanding of history, they are not history, but merely the framework and the checkpoints of history.”

5 responses to “About the Author

  1. It was very nice meeting you and Barbara this evening. I really enjoyed the history converstion, over a plate of Mexican food, in historic Georgetown, Texas. “It just don’t get no better.” Dave and Deanna Henry


    • Not sure I got back with you Dave regarding our visit and discussing Sisters of Mercy and the Runaway Scrape. I sure wish I had you around during the writing of the novel as you are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Texas History. Furthermore, keep practicing the Ballad of Sam Bass. The creative nonfiction novel, Sam Bass and His Horse Marines, is soon to be released and the audio CD’s will be available for Christmas delivery. I trust you will still be available to cut the Ballad of Sam Bass for the end of the audio production of the novel. Tell Deanna hello from us, too!


    • Hello Dave and Deanna.
      The last time we visited, I was on the way to my first of six novels on the Lincoln Assassination. Well, the pre-release is live and Book 1 is available now and released April 30th.

      Hope to see y’all again soon!


    • I trust all is well with you and Deanna. Wanted to let you know, available for my newest release in sixty days, is the first novel in the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Series, “The Galloping Ghost of the Java Coast.”
      It is a true story about the sinking of the USS Houston in 1942. The ship was one of over 17,000 ships and planes lying on the ocean floor only discovered in the summer of last year! SEAN


  2. You know…I do get carried away when I begin to talk Texas History with anyone. I may have been way too carried away with ya’ll…and I apologize for that.
    Yes…I’ll continue to work on the idea of doing the Sam Bass song. I printed out some words for it that I found online, but they’re slightly different than the recording I have of it by Michael Martin Murphey. And…I’ve found other slightly different versions from those two, too. You might have a version you like, and if you do, I’ll be glad to work on that instead of what I’ve found.
    Good to hear from you.


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