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Goodreads and Sidney St. James Will Give Away 5 Signed Copies of The Flaming Blue Sword

The Flaming Blue Sword by Sidney St. James

  • The Flaming Blue Sword (Storm Lord Trilogy Series #1)
    by Sidney St. James

    Release date: Dec 12, 2015


    Angelica Thompson, an award-winning novelist, makes a decision to end her turbulent relationship back home in Denver and heads off to a secluded spot on the shores of Black Rock Cove in Oregon. She cannot get her mind into finishing her last novel in her paranormal romance series and is being pressured by the publisher to finish by the end of the summer.

    She finds out the first night of her arrival how vividly her mind’s thoughts and dreams come alive without visions of any problems back home. Her imagination of a dead sea captain, a black panther pouncing on her for his evening meal, and falling to her death in a cove hundreds of feet down off a cliff is only the beginning.

    Janie, her first friend from the village, wakens her in her cottage. She is the local real estate agent. But, was she awakened or had what happened been only a dream…could it be real?

    An ancient prophesy of destruction has been set into motion, and what destiny has in store for Angelica and the entire village of Black Rock Cove is bigger than anyone can imagine.

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    Sean E. Jacobs, author of over a dozen novels, writes as Sidney St. James.

    Giveaway ends in:
    4 days and 21:34:28

    Availability: 5 copies available, 225 people requesting as of this writing.

    Giveaway dates: Dec 12 – Dec 19, 2015

    Countries available: US, CA, and GB and others

The Flaming Blue Sword Hits the Ground Running

Tilly Slaton, Author of Unleashed Desire, Leaves her Review of Newest Release at Midnight…

Review: The Flaming Blue Sword by Sidney St. James

If you have read any of my reviews, you know how much I love up-and-coming authors, and Sidney St. James does not disappoint!

Sidney tastefully articulates the burning and yearning need between two people. A desire that has persevered over the test of time. And a very long time indeed. This novel is filled with magic, excitement, action and suspense!

Some authors simply pound on their keyboards, quickly bringing their creation to life without a second glance or thought of the beauty and inspiration they can obtain.

Sidney St. James is not one of those authors. Please see the profoundly poetic description below:

Darkness settled in for the evening. Bands of gold linger in the sky. The various colors of streaks of the sunshine begin to die out from the summits of the nearby mountains, turning a chalky mauve. The movements of the clouds are barely perceptible. Even the birds fly up and down in slow and lazy arcs. The ink like darkness settles across the heavens, as it always does this time of day, enveloping the quaint little northwestern Oregon village of Black Rock Cove.

I recommend this book to everyone in need of sweet romance.