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Sean E. Jacobs, 6th Generation German Descendant in Texas, Offers His First Eight Kindle Edition Novels for FREE in Celebration of the Christmas Season


I thought it was time to visit my Blog site as I am getting in the Christmas spirit…the German spirit, that is. My tenth novel, written under my pen name of Sidney St. James is scheduled for release on December 12th. It is called The Flaming Blue Sword. It is not a creative nonfiction novel, but the first paranormal romance in my Storm Lord Trilogy Series.

To celebrate this joyous time of the year, and the fact that I have reached a milestone with my tenth novel, I am offering eight of the Kindle edition novels for FREE at beginning on December 12th and continuing to December 16th.

Oh, by the way, my first novel has a scene in it talking about how the Strauss Family brought one of the first artificial Christmas trees to Texas in 1845. It was made of turkey feathers dyed green, wound onto wire branches, and mounted on wooden bases.

They were widely accepted in the 1800’s in Texas. But, if one were to follow the area in the far northeast where German settlers brought their artificial trees, places like Boston and Philadelphia, they were denounced as sacrilegious and pagan by some of the Protestant groups in that part of the country.

German families would decorate the trees with popcorn chains, paper flowers, paper chains and decorated cookies, candy and nuts.

In a magazine found during the writing of ADVERSITY – Face to Face, an article once suggested a 12-foot tall tree have 400 wax candles to adequately light the tree. At the Lutheran Church in Frelsburg, Texas, there were elders who stood by with wet sponges on long sticks ready to extinguish the candles as they burned down low on Christmas Eve.

Watch for future blogs on German traditions at Christmas!

Happy Holidays and be sure to take advantage of this once a year special from Sean E. Jacobs for five days only. The following Kindle e-books are FREE from

ADVERSITY Face to Face

THE YELLOW ROSEThe Runaway Scrape

FAITH Seventy Times Seven

SAM BASS and His Horse Marines

THE LINCOLN ASSASSINATION BOOK 1 in the 150th Anniversary Series of the Lincoln Assassination

PURSUIT AND CAPTURE OF JOHN WILKES BOOTHBOOK 2 in the 150th Anniversary Series of the Lincoln Assassination

THE TRIAL OF LEWIS THORNTON POWELLBOOK 3 in the 150th Anniversary Series of the Lincoln Assassination

KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE BOOK 7 in the 150th Anniversary Series of the Lincoln Assassination

Books 4, 5 & 6 are scheduled for release in 2016.

Be sure to share this post with friends and family during this joyous time of year, a time for giving and receiving. And, be sure to order my pre-release of The Flaming Blue Sword, a paranormal romance.

Happy Holidays…and, more to come on German traditions in the 1800’s during Christmas. Next, we can thank the Germans for Kris Kringle!

Readers of FAITH Respond with “I Can Forgive, But I Can’t Forget?”

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine. She and I have another good friend we have both known since the first grade. She said that the two of them had gotten into a verbal argument and said unkind things to one another. This friend had just finished reading my novel, Faith – Seventy Times Seven, and, the same as I did when writing it, struggled with forgiving and was still having angry thoughts that filled her mind over their abusive conversation with one another.

My mom and her sister had done the same thing and did not speak to one another for over ten years. It was only as my mom laid on her bed in the hospital dying from cancer did my aunt walk in one day. I watched the two of them cry. No words were said. Neither of them over all this time found the way to forgive and forget and it was one of the most saddest things I had ever seen. After almost five minutes, they both, almost simultaneously said, “I’m sorry.” My mom passed away three days later.

As I had done numerous times during the writing of this novel, I pondered over forgiveness and forgetting as my grandmother, the Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds struggled with an abusive alcoholic husband for twenty years. My thoughts turned to the many scriptures in the Bible that I had read over and over during my research for the true story of the first ordained woman minister in Louisiana. Surely, I asked myself, if we have trouble forgetting, what about God who never forgets anything? In Hebrews 10:17, God says, “Their sins and their lawless acts I will remember no more.” Let me emphasize that in God’s own words he says, “I will remember no more.” In God’s forgiveness, he chooses not to remember our sins.

This good friend of mine blames our other friend for being abusive and ugly in her verbal abuse. She went on to tell me that after several months she found the way to forgive him, but during sleepless nights, she would wake up, off and on, thinking about the argument they had and get angry all over again. The thoughts of the incident simply did not go away. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months…she could not forget.

I mentioned to her during my writing of FAITH, that I remembered talking to a Baptist minister during one Thanksgiving dinner a year or so ago. He painted an interesting picture in words. “Have you ever seen a movie and it is a thick foggy day off the coast and the captain of a vessel reaches up and pulls the rope for a loud fog horn. Even after pulling the rope the horn continues to sound loudly, over and over as it echos through the stillness of the fog.” The seasoned minister of many years stops eating for a moment, leans over in my direction, and says, “What happens Sean if the captain does not pull on that rope again?” I knew he was asking the question, but hesitated in responding knowing he was about to give me the answer. “The sound of the fog horn will soon fade away! Forgiveness is like that. If we struggle with that which has hurt us for a long time, we should not be caught off guard if these angry thoughts keep coming our way. They are simply the echos of the fog horn on a still morning getting weaker and weaker until they are no more.

I let my friend know what I had learned. I explained to her that it is not surprising if after forgiveness that the memories keep coming back. If you refuse to dwell on them, they will slowly just go away. Why…because when you forgive someone, you are letting go of the rope, much like the captain of the vessel letting go of the rope and the strength of those thoughts of anger that bother you become weaker and weaker until they are no longer there.

Stay tuned…in my next post I will continue with my discussion of my two friends and their anger towards one another. Does forgiveness mean my friend has to let our mutual friend walk all over her?