Adversity – Face to Face (Book One)

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For over thirty years I have researched weekly and put together over 17,000 names that are linked to my family. They might be first, second, or heck, even third cousins, but at least they are connected…their birthdates, their death dates, and even where they are buried. When I was younger, the writing of my first book on history seemed to take forever. How many of us struggle through  date-pocketed courses of history only to find out in our later years history is actually the most fascinating and stimulating of all areas of knowledge?

Why this unfortunate paradox you may ask? Was it history that changed? No! What has changed is the presentation and the emphasis of history.

My first five published works of art are associated, more or less, with dates, names, and places. However important this information is for the understanding of history, they are not history, but merely the checkpoints and framework of history. I can still remember taking numerous courses at Texas A&M University and memorizing names, dates and events in my world history class. Again, this information are only checkpoints along the history trail.

The first novel in the FAITH Chronicles, Adversity – Face to Face, is creative nonfiction, a rather new but not widely accepted genre. Writing this book with over thirty years experience can be compared to the many movies we have seen on Jesus Christ and his crucifixion.  Have you read the novel Passion of the Christ?  All our life we have read the Bible and knew what happened, but without creative nonfiction, one would not have walked away from this book  crying, or even feeling what Jesus Christ did by watching the movie.

Where controversy might surround this novel, it will follow one such family in Germany as they struggle with their first decision, to leave home after deep roots of hundreds of years on the same soil near Oldenburg, south of Bremerhaven.  The many adversities they braved, face-to-face traveling to Texas. The narrative style will have you on the edge of your chair asking yourself, how much more can this family bear? Faith in Jesus Christ plays a major role in taking each step along the way. Through the North Sea, across the Atlantic, riding the storms in the Gulf of Mexico, and far more adversities once they reach Karlshafen in Texas.

Whatever one wants to call creative nonfiction, any of a dozen different names, some of which might be The Art of Fact, The Art of Truth, New Journalism, Literary Nonfiction, or Narrative Nonfiction, they are all the same. In the last ten years there has been an explosion in the number of writers exploring this genre. This narrative style of writing might be rolled up into one name, a fact-based writing, and understood as the marriage between storytelling and journalism!


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