Lincoln – Conspiracy Theories (Book Six)

cover for book six who was really responsible for the assassination of lincoln


BOOK 6 IN THE SERIES: In the final novel of the 150th Anniversary Series of the Lincoln Assassination, all the research and theories of conspiracy associated with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln are explored.
John Wilkes Booth did, indeed, shoot Abraham Lincoln on April 14th, 1865. No doubt with over three hundred suspected conspirators thrown almost immediately into prison, many questions are left unanswered. Is Booth solely responsible for the assassination? There is no doubt one bullet killed President Lincoln, but did one man?
Theory 1 – On the same day of the assassination, John Wilkes Booth went by to visit Vice President Andrew Johnson. He talked to the desk clerk and began writing a note to Johnson. “Don’t wish to disturb you. Are you home? J. Wilkes Booth. Wow, did Andrew Johnson and Booth know each other? Later research indicates Wilkes Booth knew Andrew Johnson for over a year before pulling the trigger on his Derringer pistol.  Now, another unproven, but discussed chapter in this final novel, is while Andrew Johnson was the governor of Tennessee, he and Booth each kept two sisters who were mistresses and often times seen in each other’s company. Johnson loved women and whiskey. But, so did Booth.
Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham’s wife, said, “That miserable inebriate Johnson had cognizance of my husband’s death. Why was that note written by Booth to Johnson found in his inbox? Some acquaintance certainly exists! I have been deeply impressed, with the harrowing thought, that Andy Johnson had an understanding with the conspirators and they knew their man. As sure as you and I live, Johnson had some hand in the death of my husband.”
Theory 2 – A simple conspiracy. Booth is described as a Southern patriot and racist who first planned to kidnap the President, take him to Richmond, and hold him in exchange for Southern prisoners of war. When the kidnapping fell through, John Wilkes Booth turned to the assassination of Abe Lincoln. The entire plot consisted of only Booth and a small band of conspirators.
Theory 3 – Lincoln was killed by a band of grand conspirators who were only following the orders from others in Jefferson Davis’ Cabinet located in Montreal, Canada. Coded letters were found in Booth’s trunk back at the National Hotel. In fact, they tied him to the Confederacy. Was Judah Benjamin, the Confederate Secretary of State, involved in the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln? He burned all of his papers before Richmond was evacuated. He escaped to England. He is the only member of the Jefferson Davis’ Cabinet never to return to the United States. He later died in Paris on May 6th, 1884.
Theory 4 – Lincoln’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy of powerful international bankers.
Theory 5 – The Roman Catholic Church was behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In 1886, ex-priest Charles Chiniquy said, “The President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by the priests and the Jesuits of Rome.” Booth was the tool of the Jesuits.
Theory 6 – Secretary of War Edwin Stanton was the mastermind behind Lincoln’s assassination.
Theory 7 – Several groups in the north were behind the Lincoln Assassination. One of the organizations was the Knights of the Golden Circle. Another group was the Freemasons…the Rothchilds
Although 150 years have come and gone since the assassination, any kind of closure on all of the circumstances surrounding the event still seems a long way in the distance. Did John Wilkes Booth not die until the turn of the century under an assumed name? Who really was shot and later died after being drug out of the burning barn on Richard Garrett’s farm?
This final novel will be interesting reading and falls in line with historical fiction.  We ask the questions throughout the novel, “One bullet killed the President, but did one man? Who really was behind the killing of our sixteenth president of the United States?”